What Is Your Vision?
By Art Ramsay, Ph.D.

 Over the past year or so, I have received many emails from different organizations about visionaries and our evolution as humans. I have followed the writings and programs offered by such people as Barbara Marx Hubbard , Neal Donald Walsh, Craig Hamilton, Stephen Dinan, Andrew Cohan, and many more. What these and others are saying is that we are on an evolutionary path that is accelerating.

 What does this mean? As humans who have awakened or are awakening to our spiritual understanding of who we are as a species, and the process of opening more “doors” for us to enter at a faster pace. This opening process has expanded and increased noticeably in the past year or so. Each one of these visionaries speak of not only the vision they hold for humankind, but the personal vision for ourselves.

 While we all may have envisioned what we want in our lives such as more money, a bigger house, a college education for our kids, and such, few have taken the time to become aware of what their future looks like as spiritual “servants.” I have written before that the fastest path to happiness and fulfillment is to serve others, such as I do writing articles and books; there are countless ways to serve.

 While this article is not about service, I mention it just to give you an idea of what envisioning your future might look like. For example, the vision I have had for years is to travel the world giving seminars, writing self-empowering books, and coaching people to awaken to their best spiritual selves. While this is always subject to change, and most likely will, it is my vision now.

 Although my vision for the “world” is not as clear as the one for myself, it has been for years a world that shifts from the “old world” patterns to a “new world” where Oneness replaces separation. That is, shifting from a world in which money and things are the primary sought after desires, to a world where love, peace, and service are primary desires; further is the future, a world of Oneness.

 Having said all of that as a lead in to today’s subject, I suggest that you begin the process of creating your own visions. What would that process look like? In order to create a vision for yourself, a starting point is to contemplate what your deepest desires have been over the years of what you would most love to do; such as paint, write, help others do physical things they can’t by themselves, fly around the world, start an organization serving kids, veterans, and so on.

 As I said earlier, countless ways of being who you came here to be are endless. Once you find what you have always wanted to do, but have never done for one reason or another, you have taken the first step to a vision. The second step might be to see if there is anything relating to what you discovered. It is helpful to sort out how the above relate to each other if you find more than one desire.

 Now take the desire (if there is more than one, just do one at a time), and meditate on it until you find how to best put the vision into physical form as an action of some sort. For example, if you have a desire to write, meditate on what kind of writing and how you would use it as a way to express yourself. Or if the vision is not as well defined then look deeper for an explanation of what it means to you.

 Continue the above process until you are satisfied that you have enough information to write it in a descriptive way as a vision for yourself. When you are satisfied that it is solid, sit with it for awhile through meditation and contemplation. All of the above could take weeks or months to nail down. Don’t get discouraged or give up. It takes time to make meaningful shifts in our lives.

 If you feel you have not reached the “awake” state of mind yet, then maybe it would be helpful to go back and review several articles in the archives; there are plenty to chose from that will fill your need. While I don’t have a “search” process for the achieves (they are too expensive for me right now), the titles should be helpful in guiding your search.

 Determining where you are from an "awake" standpoint can be determine by how much you connect when reading mine or other articles about spiritual growth; or whether you consider them just fanciful and not real to you. If you were to indicate a “1”, that is, “not helpful” on every article you read, then you would fall into the above “category”.

 Not to worry, it will all become clear at some point; it has to. We will all fully awaken to who we are and move fully into the evolutionary process. You would not be here, nor would not be reading my articles if this were not so. Hang in there. It will come to you. In the meantime keep seeking answers to your questions. This is key to the process of awakening.


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